Regional Haze Program Panel

Regional Haze Program Panel

The Regional Haze Program was created in 1999 with the goal of returning visibility in national parks and wilderness areas to natural conditions by 2064. States must update their plan every 10 years to achieve this goal. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s (ADEQ) next plan is due in 2021.

Arizona’s previous Regional Haze Plan, submitted in 2011, saw many court challenges and several EPA-imposed FIPs. Arizona and other states in the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) have begun the planning process for this next plan. Unlike the National Ambient Air Quality Standards program, the Regional Haze Program is not limited to an individual pollutant or geographic area. Any source that emits visibility impairing pollutants may become subject to additional regulation under the Regional Haze Program.


Ryan Templeton | ADEQ
An Arizona Perspective
Ryan’s presentation will provide ADEQ’s perspective on the previous and current planning efforts, including: an overview of the results and lessons learned from the first planning period; Arizona’s current efforts and a tentative timeline; the process for evaluating industry controls; and areas for input from the regulated community.

Tom Moore | WRAP
A Regional Perspective
Tom will present regional analysis and planning support efforts by Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR) and WRAP to allow timely completion of Regional Haze Plans. Tom will cover the process to conduct the analysis for over 100 Class I areas in the Western United States, including: chemical species’ contributions; trends in monitoring data; emissions inventory estimates for historic and future years; regional photochemical modeling to characterize transport and predict visibility impacts; source apportionment; and sensitivity modeling to define natural and anthropogenic source impacts.

Eric Hiser | Jorden, Hiser & Joy, PLC
A Legal Perspective
Eric will address the legal basis for the Regional Haze Program, EPA’s regional haze rule and the impacts of the 2017 rule revisions, and set forth the legal and regulatory issues that will likely play a major role in the second round of the Regional Haze Program. Eric participated extensively throughout Arizona’s first Regional Haze SIP administrative and litigation efforts, including the EPA-imposed FIP and litigation in the Ninth Circuit.

Wednesday, October 3

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